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Software updates: Power projects
Aug 11: 8Tanakpur Hydroelectric Power Station (Renovation and Modernisation)
 Project Description: NHPC is planning to carry out maintenance activities in their (3X31.4 MW) 94.2 MW Tanakpur Hydro Electric Power Station in Champawat district of Uttarakhand. RFQs for various requirement to be out shortly. Notice for Automatic weather station (AWS), 45T Gantry Crane, Steel Rope, Clamp, coating on water wetted parts of Kaplan Turbine have already been floated and are currently under the bidding process. However, further requirement for equipment and services are expected soon.
Major requirement will be: Civil work for Dam repairing, Transformer, Switches and other electrical equipment, Turbine and Generator maintenance, Governor, Valves, auxiliary mechanical equipment among several others. 
The tentative dates for unit wise shut-down and maintenance are : 
Unit-1 : 15.11.2017 to 15.12.2017 (31 days)
Unit-2 : 12.12.2017 to 20.01.2018 (30 days)
Unit-3 : 26.01.2018 to 15.05.2018 (110 days)
Project Event: RFQ for new equipment is expected to be out in September 2017.
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8A large public sector entity is expected to float requirement for setting up two wind farms of approx 50 MW next year around June-July.  Last year it set up two wind farms at Patan and Devbhumi Dwarka of capacities 55 MW and 63 MW respectively, in Gujarat. Click on Details for more, including key contact details
8Project Name- Obra 'B TPS' Thermal Power Maintenance Project
 Project Description- UPRVUNL has planned a 18-day Scheduled Mini Overhaul of Unit-10 'B TPS' (200 MW) in the 1188 MW Obra Thermal Power Plant.
The key equipment which are needed for the maintenance are turbine bearings, HP, IP, LP turbine cylinders, motor winding, boiler linings, safety valves, nozzles, motor bearings, feed pump, rotor blades, fixed blades, circuit breakers, relays, fuses, pipes, conveyor belts, bucker wheel and vibro feeder moor in stacker reclaimer, sensors, among others.
Project Event- RFQs for equipment required in Mini Overhaul of Unit-10 in Obra Thermal Power Plant is expected to be float in 2nd week of August 2017.
Shutdown date -  2017-11-10
Revival date -  2017-11-27
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