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Oil & Gas data
Aug 11: For reference purposes, the website carries here the following data:
810-year oil supply and demand, imports and production
8Proven reserves and total gas consumption over the last ten years
8Domestic gas production and imports over the last 10 years
8Development and exploration drilling data, onshore and offshore
8Company-wise share of crude pipeline in terms of capacity
8Company-wise share of LPG and product pipeline capacity
8Company-wise share in India's total refining capacity
8Product-wise consumption data over the last seven years
810-year LPG production data by fractionators
8Downstream distribution statistics
8State-wise crude reserves, capacity and throughput
8Porter's Five Forces Framework Analysis of the oil and gas sector
8Growth drivers in the oil and gas industry
8FDI inflows into the oil and gas sector in relation to total FDI inflows over the last eight years
8Shale gas reserves: A complete update
8Success stories in the oil and gas sector in India. Click on Report for more.


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