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Software updates: Oil & Gas projects
Aug 09: Project Name: BS-VI Diesel Hydrotreater Upgradation
Project Cost: Rs 1032 crore
Project Description: Owner along with the EPCM consultant is carrying out engineering activities to install a new Diesel Hydrotreater Unit 
Major equipments required are: HP separators, fired heater, reactors, vessels, portable HC detector, valve trays, strippers, filters, dryer, stabilizers, level meters, flow meters. 
Project Event: RFQs for procuring short lead items are expected by September, 2017.  
Expenditure Approval: Q1:2015
RFQ Date: Sep/2017
Release Date: Nov/2017
Start Date: Q2:2016
Completion Date: Q1:2018

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Project Name: Rs 2402 crore Development Drilling programme
Project Description: The project comprises of development drilling of 406 wells. Among these, 211 are EOR wells and 195 non-EOR wells. Currently the project is in pre-clearance phase. Further RFQs can be expected shortly.
Project Event: RFQs for the mobile rigs is expected by January 2018.
Expenditure Approval: Q2:2014
RFQ Date: Jan/2018
Release Date: Feb/2018
Start Date: Mar/2018
Completion Date: Q4/2022
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