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Software update-II: Power projects
Aug 04: 8Project Name: Jakhol Sankri Greenfield Hydroelectric Power Station
8Project Description: SJVN is planning to construct a 51 MW Jakhol Sankri Hydroelectric Power Station near village Jakhol in district Uttarkashi of Uttarakhand. EIA studies are ongoing at present. The company is expected to apply for EC by April 2018 (tentatively). 
8Major requirements will be: Dam and Barrage construction, Cofferdam, Generator, 2 vertical Pelton turbines, Control Equipment, 4 Vertical Gates, EOT Crane, Desilting Tank, Steel-lined Penstock (ASTMA-537 Class-2), Surge Shaft, Butterfly Valve, Transformer, Tunnel, TBM (tunnel boring machine), Steel Pipes, Transmission lines, Substation among many others. 
8Project Cost: 460 Crore
8Project Event: RFQ for EPC contractor expected to be floated in January 2018.
8Project Name - Obra 'B TPS' Thermal Power Maintenance Project
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8Project Description - UPRVUNL has planned an 18-day Scheduled Mini Overhaul of Unit-10 'B TPS' (200 MW) in the 1188 MW Obra Thermal Power Plant. 
8Key equipment which are needed for the maintenance are turbine bearings, HP, IP, LP turbine cylinders, motor winding, boiler linings, safety valves, nozzles, motor bearings, feed pump, rotor blades, fixed blades, circuit breakers, relays, fuses, pipes, conveyor belts, bucker wheel and vibro feeder moor in stacker reclaimer, sensors, among others. 
8Project Event - RFQs for equipment required in Mini Overhaul of Unit-10 in Obra Thermal Power Plant is expected to be float in 2nd week of August 2017. 
8Shutdown date -  2017-11-10 
8Revival date -  2017-11-27
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