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Our software-I: Bottom up information
Aug 03: Our research team works relentlessly to identify upcoming as well as ongoing capital and maintenance projects in India on an ongoing basis, allowing us to offer you the most up-to-date project data base in the country.
8We follow projects right from the early planning states till completion. Every project is constantly reviewed and validated in accordance with moving milestones to ensure the accuracy of information.
8Upcoming requirements for equipment and services are highlighted so that suppliers have an adequate advance warning.
8Our analysts spend the largest amount of time validating a contact database so that viewers just need to pull out a contact from the database and call
Key data points for a project are:
8Planning to Commissioning schedules (multiple tracking from pre-feasibility to commissioning)
8Milestone events and dates (Capital approval, RFQ date, release date, start and completion dates)
8Key project developments
8Project requirements for key equipment and services
8Project contractors and sub contractors and their equipment and service needs
8Key project decision makers
8A detailed archiving system for individual projects
Project search parameters include:
8Sector specific or through NIC codes
8Project status, type, stage and phase
8Milestone events & dates
8Searchable project descriptions and equipment requirements
8Energy sources
8RFQ dates


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