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Our software-II: If you supply an equipment, we can tell you where it will be needed
Aug 03: If you are a supplier of equipment or services to the oil and gas industry, your search for a business development opportunity has now become easier
8All you have to do is put in the equipment or service in the search parameters and our software will throw up all future projects in the power, fertilizers and oil & gas segments where there a requirement for it.
8What you get is the project description, essential project parameters and key contacts, which are validated by our team every three months.
8You can look for projects with RFQ dates a month, six months or one year from now.
8All you have to do is pick up the phone and call
8The point to note is that none of this information is top down. All of it is generated by our engineers from bottom up, through a laborious process of finding contacts, calling them up and validating all the information that we put up
8This is a first-of-its-kind project monitoring tool in India


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