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Our software-IV: Free analyst support
Aug 03: Dispel your doubts on a project and check out the rumors. Just get across to our in-house team of analysts. Talk to them and they will check out the facts and get back to you. Our analysts are available between 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM IST, Monday through Friday. And all you have to do is to call them.
8Primary collection of project related data is conducted by trained engineers at our back end. We usually spend weeks training an engineer on the fine art and skills of collecting information.
8So whenever you speak to one of our analysts, he will most likely be aware of much more than what is available in the database. Do check him out.
8We admit that data collection for projects is a vast exercise and it may not be possible to find all the answers from our analyst.
8But if you were to ask him to clarify a rumor you have heard or a fact that you want double checked, just get across to our analyst. He will check it out for you and get back to you.
You can check out the following facts about a Project:
8Validation of RFQ dates
8More details on equipment and service requirements
8Information on possible forward movement in case of delay
Another set of contacts than those already given
8Change in commissioning date
8Likely capital approval date in case of planned projects
8Extra information on maintenance schedules
You can find out more about Facilities and Units in terms of:
8Energy matrix
8Technology in use
8Raw material consumed or likely to be in demand
8Intermediate and finished product data
8Maps and directions
8Key contacts


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