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Software update-I: Find out how our shutdown alerts will work
Aug 02: We have evolved an elaborate reporting system for all shutdowns and turnarounds in our project software for the oil & gas sector.
 The moment our team picks up any shutdown data in the industry, we try and record the following parameters:
Shutdown cause
-- Shutdown type
-- Shutdown status
-- Capacity offline
-- Percentage of capacity offline
-- Shutdown duration
-- Shutdown date
-- Expected restart date
-- Previous shutdown date
-- Previous restart date
8We will attach all the available information relating to the unit under shutdown and the industrial facility under which the unit is contained.
8All our units and facilities have multiple data points, involving technology details, input-output matrices, utility indices and key contacts
8If it is a planned shutdown, we provide a project along with it, providing key requirements of equipment and services as well information on RFQ dates and owner or contractor contacts.
8If it is an unplanned shutdown, we may not have time to build a project around it but we will get you the unit and facility data along with the alert beside information on key equipment that may require modification or replacement.
8There is a business development prospect with every shutdown and that is our key area of focus.


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