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Software update-II: An example
Aug 02: We are carrying here a shutdown report of a power plant.
The following data is given for the Rihand Super Thermal Power Maintenance Shutdown
8Shutdown cause: Mechanical
8Shutdown type: Planned
8Shutdown status: Ahead
8Capacity offline: 500 MW
8Unit offline: Unit-4
8Percentage offline: 16.66
8Breakdown duration: 30 days
8Facility involved: Rihand Thermal Power Station (Link available to see complete facility data)
8Plant involved: Unit-4 (Rihand STPS) Stage 2 (Link available to see complete unit data)
8Expected revival date: 12/12/2017
8Expected shutdown date: 13/11/2017
Along with the alert, we create a business development opportunity
Project Name - Rihand Super Thermal Power Maintenance Project
Project Cost
- 11 cr
Project Description - NTPC has planned a 30-day Scheduled Maintenance of Unit-4 (500 MW) in the 3000 MW Rihand Super Thermal Power Plant covering Boiler, LP Turbine & Generator Relay Protection auxiliary parts. Equipment requirements are:
Boiler : Boiler feed control valve, boiler feed check valve, fuel oil pump, fuel oil heater, fuel oil duplex filters, fuel oil burners, soot blowers, safety valves, pipes, nozzles, economizer.
LP Turbine : Governor system, rotor blades, fixed blades, nozzles among others.
Generator Relay Protection : Lightning arrestor, differential relay, excitors, carbon brushes, sensors, among others.
Project Event - RFQs for Boiler, LP Turbine & Generator Relay Protection auxiliary parts in Unit-4 of Rihand Super Thermal Station are expected to be floated in 3rd week of August 2017.
Shutdown date - 2017-11-13
Revival date - 2017-12-12
Breakdown code – 7000000172
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