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Tug of war over rights to KG Basin gas-I: GAIL vs. GITPL
Aug 01: A tug of war is on between GAIL and GSPL India Transco Ltd (GITPL) over who should have the rights to transport gas from ONGC's Odalarevu terminal from where the E&P gas major's KG Basin gas output is to come in.
8GITPL is implementing the cross-country Mallavaram-Bhilwara-Vijaipur natural gas pipeline and it claims that one of the major reasons why it was set up was to ferry gas from ONGC's offshore KG Basin fields, such as the S1 and VA deepwater fields, and eventually gas from the KG-DWN-98/2 in 2019
8GAIL has now laid a counter-claim to do what is called a tie-in with the Odalarevu terminal from its regional KG Basin network on the ground that it is the nearest pipeline network.
8GITPL's tap-off point is 13 km away from Odalarevu whereas GITPL's is 50 km away.
8The ball in now in the court of the PNGRB
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