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Software updates: Greenfield Early Production System
Aug 01: Project Cost: Rs 250 crore
Project Description:  A green field early production project would also involve the laying of a 8'' x 47 km pipeline. The proposed facilities in this project are HP Separator Skid, CO2 and Moisture Removal Skid, Dew Point Depression Skid, N2 Based Skid, Produced Water Storage and Bay Facilities and Other Utilities and Offsites. The equipment requirement will be Gas Turbine, Air Compressor, Storage tanks, Well Head, Water Injection Well, Flare Stack,Gas pipeline.
Project Event:  RFQs for the civil works can be expected by Q1, 2018.
Expenditure Approval: Q2:2016
RFQ Date: Jan/2018
Release Date: Feb-March/2018
Start Date: Q2, 2018
Completion Date: Q3:2019
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