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Software updates: Refinery projects
Aug 01: 8Revamp of Catalytic Reformer, Naphtha Hydrosulphurization units
Project Cost:
  Rs 827
Project Description: Detailed engineering is currently on to convert the Catalytic Reformer unit to an Isomerization unit while also revamping the Naphtha Hydro-Desulfurization unit to a Naphtha Hydro-Treating unit to maximize isomerate yield and octane number and produce products like food grade hexane. Major Equipment Required: Feed pumps, Condensers, Separators, Heat-Exchangers, Strippers, Heater, Vessels, Filters etc.
Project Event:  RFQs for procuring long lead items are expected by mid-August, 2017.
Expenditure Approval: Q2:2016
RFQ Date: Aug/2017
Release Date: Sep/2017
Completion Date: Q2:2020
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8Gasoline Hydrotreating greenfield unit
Project Cost:  Rs 554 crore
Project Description:  Engineering activities are on to install a new Gasoline Hydro-treating Unit (GTU) of 0.9 MMTPA capacity and associated facilities to produce 100% BS-VI MS. Environmental Clearance was granted by 20 March, 2017. Contracting for equipment and services are currently on. Major equipment required as of now are Heat-exchangers, Condensers, Feed Pumps and Valves.
Project Event:  RFQs for equipment will be expected by August, 2017.
Expenditure Approval: Q1:2017
RFQ Date: Aug/2017
Release Date: Sep/2017
Completion Date: Q1:2019
Click here for full project, unit and facility parameters along with key contacts and their phone numbers.


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