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Software updates: Hydel projects
Aug 01: 8Project Name:  Greenfield hydroelectric plant
Project Cost:: 4949 crore
Project Description: Basic engineering activities are currently on for a 560 MW (4*140 MW) Kwar Hydroelectric Power Station at Kwar in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. CVPP will float an RFQ for civil works for construction of Diversion Tunnel, Concrete Dam, Underground Power House and Tailrace Tunnels for which eequipmentrequired will be Rock Drill, Concrete Breaker, Asphalt Cutter, Grinder, Hydraulic Excavators, Dozers, Asphalt, Concrete, Composite, Bituminous Solutions, Stone Aggregates, Cement, DG sets, Piles, among others. The RFQ for hydro-mechanical and electromechanical equipment will be floated later. Hydromechanical equipment required will be penstock, head race tunnel, spillway, turbine, sluice gates, tailrace tunnel, among others.
 Project Event: RFQ for civil construction of Diversion Tunnels, Concrete Dam, Underground Powerhouse, Tailrace Tunnels is likely to be float in first week of August 2017.
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8Project Name:  Greenfield Hydroelectric Power Station
Project Cost: Rs 826 crore
Project Description: A 72 MW (3*24 MW) hydel power plant is coming up. EIA has been prepared and clearances are awaited. The company is expected to express requirement for 3 vertical Francis turbines shortly. However, it may also hire an EPC contractor. Major requirements: Construction of barrage and dam, cofferdam, powerhouse, steel lined penstock, turbines, generator, explosives, transmission lines, substation, crane, control equipment, desilting chamber, bays, tunnel construction, TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) among others.
Project Event:  RFQ for 3 vertical Francis turbines expected in October 2017.
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