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Our project monitoring software is now live: A deal can be just a phone call away
Jul 28: A beta version of our project monitoring software is now online.It took us a long time to develop and perfect this unique software. Access for this now is free for our current subscribers.
8One of the key ingredients of the software is its ability to generate a future RFQ date for equipment & services and validated key contacts along with scores of attendant data fields.
8A trained group of mechanical engineers has been filling up thousands of bits of relevant information and market intelligence into the software for the past several months. We have a "bottom up" approach, with each field audited by our engineers from information gathered from the ground.
8For every project, there is an intricate web of data fields, spread over dozens of  industrial units and facilities of a given company. Each of these units and facilities will have many data points.
8Intricate search filters will give you exactly what you are looking for.
8Google maps are sprinkled across our databases for easy spatial referencing. NIC industrial and product codes are also included for quick identification.
8As the database fills up over the next few months, it will provide the richest tapestry of industrial information ever available in India. For the moment we will limit our coverage to power, oil & gas, petrochemicals and fertilizers in India but we will spread our wings to other sectors in the coming months. Eventually, we will extend our footprint globally because we believe we have a winning software and a huge cost advantage in relation to similar global databases.
8Our approach will be to give you a future business opportunity with rich accompanying data.
8The software has an easy-to-use format, but users are advised to tap our "Ask Us" button for help from one of our engineers to understand the myriad functionalities of our software, including the CRM section.
8The extensiveness of our database can be gauged from the following facts:
8In BPCL, we have built a database of  25 existing industrial facilities which include refineries, LPG bottling plants, petrochemical complexes, pipelines, pumping stations, among others. We have documented many as 53 industrial units within these facilities. Each of them has key contact fields, technology and input out matrices, utility fields, energy consumption data, long term maintenance contract information and a lot more. In each of these facilities and industrial entities, we will be looking for business development opportunities, either by way of brownfield expansions, additions, revamping or maintenance projects. Over and above that we keep track of scores of greenfield business development opportunities. As we go along, the database will get larger and richer.
8In HPCL, we have so far documented 28 facilities and 41 units.
8ONGC has a massive industrial base, and we have tapped as many as 40 facilities so far along with key contacts in each of them. However given the intricate nature of ONGC's E&P assets, filling up the database comprehensively will take some more time. Our focus will be to look at oil and gas production, starting from gathering stations to processing complexes.
here to go to our database (username and password needed, if you are not already logged in)


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