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Jul 28:  When a tender comes out, it is public knowledge. Our endeavor is to always look ahead, to identify a business development prospect a month or a year ahead from the tender date. We believe that our market intelligence will provide you the business advantage over your competitors.
8Diesel Hydrotreater Upgradation Project: Cost Rs 1100 crore
8Update: The EPC contractor is currently conducting basic engineering studies. A licensor has already been selected. Major equipment required: pumps, pressure reducing valves, vessels, fired heaters, air coolers, desalter, strippers, motors, heat exchangers.
Project Event:- RFQs for procuring long lead items are expected by August, 2017
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8Gas field development project
Update: Development drilling of 18 wells involving construction of well manifold, drilling of 9 new development wells and conversion of 9 exploration wells along with the laying of associated flow lines. Currently the project is in pre-clearance phase, as wildlife clearance has not been obtained. Equipment requirement: Rigs, well manifold, casing and drilling pipes, gas pipelines, gen sets and drilling fluid.
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