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Power sector updates
Jul 28: 8Project Name: A Brownfield Expansion of Thermal Power Plant
8Project Cost: Rs 4712 crore
8Project Description: The EPC contractor is carrying out basic engineering activities for a brownfield 660 MW coal based supercritical thermal power station. The power station had two 2x105 MW units which are under shutdown. Tendering for equipment will start from 3rd Quarter of FY 2017. The Boiler and Turbine will be supplied in-house by the EPC contractor. Currently dismantling of an old township where the two old units were located is going but protests from amongst displaced people is an area of concern. The EPC contractor will itself carry out procurements for Boiler and Turbine in which auxiliaries for Boiler and Turbine will come from the contractor itself while I.D. Fan, F.D. Fan, BOP package and erection and commissioning will be done by subcontractors.
 Among the equipment which will be needed are: coal handling plant, ash handling plant, switchyard, DM water plant, cooling tower, fire fighting system, ventilation system, among others."
8Project Event - RFQs for Civil Work is expected by 3rd Quarter of FY 2017.
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8Project Name: Luhri Stage III Greenfield Hydroelectric Power Station
8Project Cost: Rs 2911.85 crore
8Project Description: SJVN Ltd is planning to construct a 355 MW hydroelectric power station, namely the Sunni Dam (Luhri HEP Stage III), in village Khaira in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The plant will have 6 Francis turbines for the 4*67.4 MW Main Unit and the accompanying 1*67.4 & 1*18 MW Auxillary Unit. This project has been granted TOR on June 29, 2017. Major requirements are: Dam and barrage construction equipment, TBM (tunnel boring machine), turbines, generator, gates, control equipment , substation, transmission lines among others. Current requirement: Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) consultant.
8Project Events: RFQ for hiring EIA consultants expected to be out in August 2017.
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8Project Name - Buxar Greenfield Thermal Power Station
8Project Cost: Rs. 9,600.43 Cr.
8Project Description: SJVN Thermal Pvt Ltd is setting up a (2*660 MW) 1320 MW Buxar Thermal Power Plant at Chausa in district Buxar of Bihar. Tenders for land-levelling (plus/minus 6m) in this flood prone area and electrical EPC for setting up 33/11 kV substation were floated in June and are currently in the bidding process. The requirement for miscellaneous short lead items, transportation, fly-ash purchasing etc are also expected over the last quarter of 2017. The major equipment required will be: steam turbine, boiler, generator, cooling tower, steam pipelines, pumps, transmission lines, coal handling plant, ash handling plant, electrostatic precipitator (ESP), FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) unit among many others.
8Project Events: Package wise RFQs for the following long lead equipment Boiler, Turbine-Generator (T-G) and FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) unit are expected to be out in February 2018.
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