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Hari Bhartia puts his 10% stake in KG-OSN-2001/3 on sale-III: Tapping the reservoir is the challenge
Jul 24: It is important to understand that the Deendayal field -- made up of the KG-8,15 & 17 discoveries -- is not the only one capable of delivering gas in the KG-OSN-2001/3 block 
8There are six other discoveries --  KG-16, KG-22, KG-31, KG-21, KG-19 and KG-20SS -- in the block. 
8GSPC had submitted Operating Committee (OC) approved DoCs for all six discoveries for review by the DGH.
8Last heard, the upstream regulator had asked GSPC to prepare a robust dynamic model keeping in mind the retrograde nature of the gas reservoir before the Field Development Plan (FDP) for these discoveries is submitted. 
8GSPC was also advised to carry out simulation studies before the submission of the FDP. ONGC is now expected to carry on the task
8Even by DGH's own estimates, the GIIP of the new set of discoveries is an impressive 8 TCF of gas
8Bad permeability and other geological complications make extraction of the gas a difficult affair and the actual gas produced is likely to be much lower. 
8Nevertheless the point to note is that there is scope for more gas output, beyond the 5 mmscmd from the Deendayal field, in the block.
8ONGC is already thinking of tying in the KG-DWN-98/2 infrastructure with the Deendayal field.
8But even with fresh attempts to get the field to production, it remains a moot point when the discoveries in this block will begin earning a reasonable return on investment


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