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Why is MRPL's GRM at $ 4.75 when RIL's at $ 11.9?
Jul 24: Why did MRPL post a GRM of $4.75 for the quarter ended June 2017 when RIL posted a GRM of $ 11.9/bbl?
8MRPL claims that its operating GRM was higher for the quarter at $ 7.07 against $ 5.29 in the for the same quarter in the previous year but inventory loss got the figure down to $ 4.75 as against an inventory gain taking the GRM up to $ 10.01 in the previous year
8If there as an inventory loss that accounted for the lower MRPL GRM, didn't RIL go through a similar crunch?
8Clearly, more answers are needed
8There are a large number of peer to peer benchmarking studies available today and they should be relied upon to suggest process improvements in MRPL.
8Also find out more on how ONGC is going to go about integrating HPCL with MRPL
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