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Flat gas consumption in India: What is going on?
Jul 21: Gas consumption has surprisingly stayed flat in India during the April-June, 2017 quarter.
8Coupled with a 6% rise in domestic production in June, LNG imports, at 1,768 MMSCM, was 9.70 % lower than the corresponding month of the previous year.
8The cumulative import of 5886.64 MMSCM for the current year for April-June 2017 was lower by 5.69% for the same period last year
8What is the significance of this trend?
8The possibility of LPG and other liquid fuels taking a grip in India's dual use industrial furnaces may be a reason.
8Meanwhile, petroleum product consumption registered a marginal growth of 0.4% during June, 2017 as compared to 11.5% growth during June, 2016. Except for ATF, HSD, LPG and MS, all other products registered negative growth during June, 2017.
8During the period April-June, 2017, petroleum product consumption registered a much slower growth of 3.0% as compared to 10.2% growth during the same period last year.
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