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ONGC-BPCL-OIL investment in Mozambique-II: What is the long term price going to be?
Jul 21: The LNG market is going to remain very competitive but prices will have to eventually reflect the cost of production for a fresh round of investments to come in around mid-2025.
8A comprehensive modeling exercise has come out with the view that marginal costing by Qatar can keep Asian spot prices at the $ 3/mmbtu range for a very long time to come but the cost of long term LNG contracts will be significantly higher.
8The US will have enough gas to keep the markets supplied with brownfield projects well into 2035s.
8For the next five years however, LNG prices will remain near the marginal cost of a shipment from the U.S. Gulf Coast to market destinations.
8The US will however play an outsized role in the global LNG market as brownfield U.S. LNG projects (expansions at the existing terminals) will likely be among the lowest cost options for new export capacity.
8When the next round of investments take place, LNG price required for a typical, moderate-cost integrated will be about US $7.40/MMBtu (US $6.30/MMBtu after the benefit of associated liquids).
8Projects in the Middle East and East Africa would require delivered ex ship (DES) prices in Asia of roughly $8/MMBtu to be economical.
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