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Former IOC chairman dismisses EV threat-I: But the future can come knocking sooner than he believes
Jul 21: In a recent interview, recently retired IOC chairman B. Ashok in an interview dismissed the EV threat as something way away in the future, but the future may come knocking sooner than he thinks.
8India is the first country to officially declare that it will move all electric vehicle supply (EV) system by 2030 and this is no doubt a very tall claim by any yardstick, but the oil and gas industry must take note of fresh modeling exercises that seem to show that India can come quite close to target by 2030.
The exercise answers the following questions:
8How does the total vehicle ownership cost of EVs compare with the cost of conventional vehicles in India?
8What is the additional load due to BEV charging in India?
8What is the impact on power-sector investments, costs, and utility revenue?
8How can smart EV charging help RE grid integration?
8What is the impact on crude oil imports?
8What is the impact on GHG emissions?
8Dramatic new insights are available and they may be a cause for alarm for those who are adherent for a sharp increase in refining capacity.
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