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Former IOC chairman dismisses EV threat-II: EVs will be cheaper than conventional cars
Jul 21: By 2030, the net electric owner’s benefit is more than Rs 9,200/yr as against a conventional car.
8When the difference of only the annual fuel costs of conventional vehicles and EVs is taken, it will work out to about Rs 20,000/yr.
8Between 2015 and 2030, the incremental capital cost of EVs over conventional vehicles is expected to drop by over 60%–70%, eventually making EV owners switch from conventional vehicles.
8What is more, the load on the electricity grid will not be unmanageable at all, the exercise shows. By 2030, the all electric load will be only 3.3% of India’s total electricity load.
8The total peak BEV charging load is 23 GW, typically on weekends or holidays, which is about 6% of the total peak load by 2030 (402 GW)
8Smart charging and metering can take on the load with alacrity and will push renewable energy use, the projections show.
8Find out more on what the projections are for crude imports and what kind of savings are possible on this front.
8Working backwards, how will refining capacities be hit by such a revolution or CNG supplies?
8Analysts in oil companies will have their hands full figuring out how all these changes will impact the future of today's oil marketing companies.
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