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Business development opportunity: Rs 800 crore LPG import terminal upgrade
Jul 21: A Rs 800 crore LPG import terminal upgradation project is around the horizon.
8The following process equipment requirements will come up:
Jetty Import facilities
-- Propane/Butane /LPG storage, handling & dispatch facilities
-- Flash Gas Compressor Section
8Offsite & Utilities which includes:
-- Steam generation
-- Instrument Air system
-- Cooling Water system
-- HSD storage and transportation
8Electrical system & equipments including:
New Switchyard, pole structure, panel etc.
-- New Transformer
-- New switchboard
-- New HT/LT DG sets,
8Control & Instrumentation with latest supporting Hardware
8Fire Protection & Fighting System
It has been designed for single fire scenario and in compliance with OISD 236 and OISD 144.
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