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Jul 20: 8Crude oil prices advance this week on the back of a forecast for the IEA that global demand growth will accelerate this year even as supplies draw more slowly than anticipated. The market also weighed this week the likelihood and potential effectiveness of Libya and Nigeria capping production. Both countries have been invited by OPEC in a meeting in Russia on July 24 to discuss the stability of their production. Click on Report for more.
8In the crude market, VLCCs in the AG saw more activity this week but only on the first half of the week, as in the second, there was less demand in the spot market. Click on Report For more.
8The latest update on India's foreign trade, include crude oil and non-oil imports. Click on Report for more.
8Gulf Petrochem Group Marks First-Ever Bunker Supply by Barge at Indian Port of Paradip in Odisha. Click on Report for more.
8Tata Motors develops country’s first Bio-Methane Bus. Click on Report for more.
8For reference purposes the website carries here the following global shipping related data:
 -- Global Merchant Fleet
 -- Global Merchant Fleet by Regions
 -- Global Seaborne Trade
 -- Global View: Container
 -- Global View: Product Tankers
 -- Global View: Crude Tankers
 -- Global View: Dry Bulk
 -- Ship Building and Recycling
 -- Top Ten Newbuilding Countries 2
 -- Recycled vessels
 -- Ship Building Countries. Click on Report for more.
8Asia-Pacific and Arab Gulf naphtha market scan as of last week in terms of prices, offers and change over previous week. Click on Report for more.
8195 temporary COCOs allotted. Click on Report for more.
8Pipeline expansion plan from existing 2.5 MMTPA to 3.25 MMTPA through a additional parallel 8" dia pipeline and installation of additional pumps.
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