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Setting up an FRSU in India-IV: Selection criteria
Jul 19: What are the key considerations which will have to be kept in mind to determine whether an import terminal is best suited for an FSRU or an onshore option?
8Looking at the decision factors a FSRU is likely to be preferred over an onshore terminal if the following applies:
8There is short term market need – leasing cheaper than sunk cost, FSRU reassigned
8There is fast track need to supply gas – onshore terminals take 3-5 years to construct
8Capacity is less than 6 mtpa or if it is greater it would need 2 FSRUs
8Send out capacity not likely to increase – much easier to add extra vaporizers onshore
8No need for strategic storage - largest vessel Qmax 266,000 m3
8Major permitting issues for onshore terminal
8No space available for an onshore terminal
8Offshore FSRU if entrance to harbour too shallow requiring dredging (dredging is an ongoing maintenance cost too)
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