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Setting up an FRSU in India-V: More data
Jul 19: The FSRU business has grown rapidly since the first vessel was installed in 2011 – just 16 years ago. There are now 27 vessels of which 23 are in operation as terminals and 4 currently assigned to LNG tanker service. A further 10 are currently under construction with options placed with the shipyards for 10 more.
8The estimate is that there can as many as 50 vessels in operation by 2025 offering an FSRU-based regas capacity in excess of 200 mtpa, which is 60% of the world’s LNG production in 2016.
8That the future is bright is endorsed by the fact that FSRU service providers are ordering new vessels at a cost of around $250m on a speculative basis and that established LNG tanker owners are now entering the market.
The website carries here a detailed list of information on
-- Current FSRU fleet in operation or delivered and pending start up and operation, including photographs of the vessels
-- Ships ordered or likely to be ordered.
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