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Naming and shaming-II: $2.3 trillion capex not needed, says lobby
Jul 18: The climate change lobby is now using a range of tools to project that the highest NPVs are possible only on investments in assets which are within the 2D compatibility range.
8These tools are meant to put oil companies on the mat while using pressure tactics through shareholders to cut back on capex in "incompatible assets".
8The results are interesting and oil field equipment and service suppliers will need to take them into account when calculating how far up will oil and gas capex go in the coming years.
8Around $2.3 trillion -- around a third -- of the potential capex to 2025 should not be deployed under a 2D scenario compared to business as usual expectations, projections claim.
8Company level exposure varies between 10% to over 60% of capex.
8Interestingly, two thirds of the potential oil and gas production which is surplus to a 2D scenario is controlled by the private sector.
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