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Gas demand: Changing narrative is causing a credibility problem for the IEA
Jul 17: The narrative on where the demand for gas is going to come from seems to be changing rapidly.
8Even established research agencies like the IEA is giving up on the power sector as the main pillar of demand for gas. The continued rise of renewables seems to be posing a problem.
8The focus now is on industrial demand, from petrochemicals to fertilizers.
8The changing narrative is beginning to put pressure on the IEA's credibility as an independent research agency which is not just as a votary of the oil & gas lobby
8The moot question is how fast and how quickly will demand will go up in the non-power segments?
8What is more, according to the IEA, China and India are meant to be largest drivers of gas demand in the coming decade.
8How dependable are these markets?
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