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Jul 17: 8Find out the latest on use of Thermoplastics and Composites in the Oil & Gas Industry.Click on Report for more.
8More on why GST is bad news for oil and gas industry for some time now.Click on Report for more.
8A round-up of best practices in LNG regasification, FRU conversion, small scale LNG and LNG for use in vessels.Click on Report for more.
8Lessons for India: Even though the US is emerging as a surplus producer of oil and gas, it is refusing to draw down its 700 million barrels of strategic reserves. Find out why there is still high opposition to the Trump administration move to reduce reserves by 270 million barrels.Click on Report for more.
8BP has joined hands with RIL to pump in $ 6 billion in its KG Basin fields. BP's boss provides an explanation why the company, unlike others in its peer group, still finds India an attractive investment destination.Click on Report for more.
8Find our more on ONGC's ongoing drive to increase its offshore vendor base. Click on Report for more.
8Woodside is a big investor in the LNG business. But find out how the company is adjusting to what it calls the "new reality"
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