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McDermott developing "digital twin" for offshore facilities
Jul 14: Offshore equipment and service provider, McDermott International, has been able to survive the periodic downturns and structural re-alignments that afflict the oil and gas industry every decade or so.
8The company is now developing a software platform capable of delivering what is called a “digital twin,” which is a computer model of the facilities to the client, after the contractor has completed the engineering, construction and installation work.
8So, with this “digital twin” of the facilities, the client has an identical computer model of the facilities
8Then, in the future, if the client has to make modifications or changes to the facility, or other maintenance procedures, he can better manage that situation without having to conduct a new survey of the facilities.
8The platform will have other benefits – it will help deliver projects more efficiently, and in a more standardized fashion.
8Ultimately, this digital twin software can be applied to other digital platforms, thereby realizing even greater efficiencies.
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