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Jul 14: 8An analysis of the global well intervention market: A robust outlook.Click on Report for more.
8A comprehensive update of the global LNG market as of June,Click on report for more.
8An exhaustive report on the global petrochemical market in terms of
-- Latest price trends in major products
-- Margin developments
-- Sub-$50/bl crude oil is reflective of the waning confidence in OPEC’s ability to counter-balance strong oil production elsewhere in the world, petrochemical players see little incentive to buy molecules for storage.
-- What are the implications of these developments in the Indian market?Click on Report for more.
8A two speed oil market is now developing, where output is falling in certain parts but picking up speed elsewhere.Click on Report for more.
8Latest OPEC data shows that the supply glut will continue well into 2018 on account of rising production and slowing demand
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