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Refinery and petrochemical trends
Jul 13: What are the latest trends in the refining and petrochemical business?
8Most new refining capacity is being built in the Middle East and Asia, close to demand growth.
8As for new petrochemical capacity, the pattern is mixed, with capacity being built in the US and Middle East close to feedstock supply; and in Asia, specifically China an even India, close to the demand growth.
8In refining, there is a feedstock advantage for North American refining runs through growth in US light tight oil and Canadian heavy, and this is enabling them to export product competitively but eventually 50% of the refining runs will be based out of Asia by 2030.
8In petrochemicals, the investment options include feedstock considerations such as NGLs in the US against LPGs, naptha, coal and others in Asia - with technology advantages a part of that consideration.
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