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Jul 13: 8India resists setting carbon pricing goals in global meet.Click on Report for more.
8Financial risk disclosures to climate risk assets for large companies in India?Click on Report for more.
8A fresh set of evaluations on performance of Indian oil companies.Click on Report for more.
8Latest prices for the Indian basket for crude oil.Click on Report for more.
8Dharmendra Pradhan's sessions in the World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul at the India Session -- A new E&P Paradigm.Click on Report for more.
8In a market upsetting development, Reliance alkylate displaces lower-octane USGC blendstock.Click on Report for more.
8A shipping market overview, involving charter hire rate movements, sale and purchase of vessels, newbuilding and demolition activity.Click on Report for more.
8OPEC monthly review report
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