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Cairn India-I: Dramatic cost cutting
Jul 12: Cairn India has been able to bring about significant cost cutting into its operations over the last two years.
8There is a 50% reduction in cost of fracking, with per frac cost coming down to $ 230,000.
8Over 70% of cost saving is structural from operating efficiency & design optimization
8Then again, days needed per frac has come down from 4.5 days to 2.2
8Water flooding costs have come down 27% over two years, from $5.8/bbl to $4.3/bbl.
8Polymer flooding costs are down 25% from $ 12/bbl to $ 9/bbl
8Cairn also considers itself to have among the lowest operating costs in the world, at $6/bbl, ahead only of Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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