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Uncertainty over gas demand in India-I: Switch to gas may not be the best option for the freight transport industry
Jul 05: A switch to CNG or LNG in heavy medium and heavy duty trucks will not lead to an abatement in CO2 emissions in relation to the use of diesel when a well-to-wheel framework is taken into consideration, a new study has shown.
8The thinking among gas suppliers in India so far is that LNG can be a suitable option for larger vehicles with a high annual mileage (typically 100 000 km or more) such as in regional and long-haul operations whereas smaller trucks with lower lower annual mileage can be viable while using CNG.
8Even dual fitting options where medium heavy-duty compression ignition engines can be designed to run on a blend of diesel fuel and methane, where methane is typically mixed with small volumes of diesel to provoke ignition was meant to be an option.
8But In India however, the cost of switching to LNG or CNG is likely to be expensive -- as the higher cost is primarily due to storage tanks -- and without an adequate infrastructure in place, doubly so
8Then again, despite the lower carbon content of natural gas compared to diesel, switching to natural gas trucks results in only minor or no reductions in well-to-wheel (WTW) GHG emissions once issues related to methane are considered.
8On the vehicle side, the lower efficiency of most heavy-duty engines running on natural gas relative to diesel, as well as issues with methane slip, counterbalance the potential benefits of the lower carbon intensity of natural gas.
8What is more, while CNG is competitive when compared to diesel on account of lower cost of domestic gas, the cost economics can turn unfavourable when imported LNG is taken into consideration.
8Given these dynamics, it is unlikely that LNG or CNG powered heavily vehicle use will ever take off in India anytime soon.
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