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Uncertainty over gas demand in India-III: Hydrogen driven trucks can take over
Jul 05: Hydrogen driven trucks are also a realistic possibility.
8Trucks using fuel cells and hydrogen are essentially electric vehicles using hydrogen stored in a pressurized tank and equipped with a fuel cell for on-board power generation. Fuel cell vehicle (FCV) power trains are also hybrids, as braking energy is recuperated and stored in a battery.
8The battery also reduces peak demand from the fuel cell during acceleration and enables optimisation of operational efficiency.
8FCV power trains benefit from technological advancement in both fuel cell and battery storage technologies.
8Compared with batteries, hydrogen at 70 megapascals (MPa) has much higher energy density: about six times higher per unit of volume and about 300 times higher by unit of weight.
8Hydrogen-powered trucks can benefit from the higher energy density of hydrogen storage tanks, making their cost somewhat insensitive to weight and range.
8Already some companies are competing to come out with hydrogen driven options
Recent pilot and demonstration projects have also targeted medium and heavy duty vehicles:
Demonstration projects have begun to test the use of hydrogen in trucks in California
-- Scania publicised its intention to start testing trucks with electric powertrains powered by fuel cells and hydrogen
-- UPS launched the world’s first fuel cell electric delivery truck in 2017
-- Nikola announced in 2016 the intention to manufacture a semi-trailer using hydrogen fuel cells to supply lithium ion batteries driving electric motors
-- Toyota revealed recently that it is developing a proof-of-concept for a heavy-duty truck based on a hydrogen fuel cell system for use at the Port of Los Angeles
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