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ONGC CBM investments in jeopardy-II: CBM and Shale development plans will face headwinds
Jul 04: Land acquisition delays in the highly populated coal belt of India is one of the major reasons why CBM development plans are difficult to implement in India.
8For the private sector, land acquisition is perhaps a little easier but for the public sector, unable to cut out-of-turn deals with the same alacrity as the private sector when faced with recalcitrant landowners, it remains a tedious and extremely difficult job.
8Cost and time need for land acquisition have gone up by a factor of 15 times as compared to what was estimated in the Bokaro block.
8This difficultly is expected to be further accentuated when it comes to shale oil or gas production because the environmental footprint is going to be much larger as also the area needed to be acquired.
8The need to acquire high water volumes for hydro fracturing will be another big impediment.
8In India, the shale revolution of the US is unlikely to be replicated and policy makers will have to work in the larger cost of shale operations, including the environmental consequences, and juxtapose it against the cost of import of oil or gas and conduct a realistic cost benefit exercise.
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