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Indian bio-fuel industry going nowhere-II: Bio-diesel fails to take off
Jul 03: While ethanol blending has stymied, the target for the proposed biodiesel belnd of 20% to conventional diesel by 2017 is nowhere in sight.
8The National Biodiesel Mission (NBM) identified jatropha (jatropha curcas) as the most suitable inedible oilseed for biodiesel production but targets are far from being met due to a host of agronomical and economic constraints.
8To help fill the gap, several existing biodiesel units shifted operations to adopt multiple feedstock technology, which utilizes ‘used cooking oils’ (UCO), other unusable oil fractions, animal fats, and inedible oils; this achieved a minimal (0.001) blend rate.
8This market for biodiesel (B100) may grow but a commercially viable strategy is lacking
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