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The LNG portfolio business-II: All you want to know about it
Jun 30: LNG portfolio sales are a recent phenomena.
8The website carries here the full details of portfolio contracts by all major portfolio players in the world going up the year 2044
8An analysis shows that by early 2020 top 4 LNG portfolio suppliers (BG, Total, Shell, BP) accounts for 25 out of 42 portfolio contracts; these are the same companies who started portfolio sales strategy with BG as its main driver.
8But other players have begun getting into the list and the monopoly of the big players is set to erode over time.
A detailed list of such contracts worldwide as of 2017 are given in terms of:
8Average annual contract volume
8Total contract volume
8Earliest start date
8Latest end date
8Number of contracts
8Peak volume per year
8Peak year
8Contract volume as percentage of LNG equity production.
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