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GAIL to pay more for LNG vessel hire-I: Global demand for vessels going up
Jun 28: The latest reassessment shows that a total of  over 110 MMTPA of new supply will be coming online between 2017 - 2020.
8For reference purposes, the website carries here an estimate of new LNG supply by project start date spread over the next three years
8Projects are expected to use both new built and existing vessels to utilize the extra capacity coming on stream
8So far, increased demand seems to be absorbing supplies. There has been demand de-growth in some countries but made up by growth elsewhere.
8There are new supply flows being created now by buyers of US LNG
8US volumes are expanding both vessel tonne miles and tonne time.
8Cheniere reported over 100 cargoes shipped to 20 countries (Q1 2017 results).
8Sabine Pass trains have been running consistently, save for maintenance outages
8Applying the 1.77x multiplier to yet-to-deliver US FID exports (50+mtpa) would require around additional 90 LNG ships
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