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$11 billion offshore investment-I: 2017 may not be the best year yet to place orders
Jun 26: With around $11 billion dollars in offshore drilling investments lined up in the KG Basin, both ONGC and RIL-BP will have to be keep watch on how the global subsea market is going to evolve.
8Are prices of subsea assemblies going to bottom out in 2017 as it popularly anticipated or will the tend roll over to 2018? Or will prices continue to fall up to 2019?
8The website carries here a forecast of the global subsea hardware capex right up to 2021.
8Also projected is the subsea orders backlog as of 2017.
8By all indications, the revival of the market is to take longer than usual.
8That means that prices may continue to fall beyond 2017
The subsea market consists of:
-- Subsea trees
-- Templates
-- Manifolds
-- Subsea boosters
-- Subsea compressors
-- Subsea separation
-- Umblicals
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