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End of gas-I: Is the world moving past it?
Jun 26: As part of our series of articles on how the world is now moving beyond gas, the website carries here an analysis that says that even if gas plays a role in balancing weather-dependent renewables in the short-term, there are numerous alternatives to the role of natural gas in increasing the flexibility of the power grid, such as storage, grid development, demand management or flexible renewables.
8The argument is that a mix of these solutions will make it possible to deal with a fully renewable power grid without relying on natural gas.
8To achieve this purpose, a significant shift in investment away from new natural gas infrastructure and towards renewable source of energy is now being freshly argued.
8Massive investments in gas extraction, new pipelines and LNG ports—in addition to what is already existing and often underutilised—will divert financial resources from investments into a decarbonised power sector, and lead to the creation of stranded assets in the coming decades, constituting a major obstacle for the full decarbonisation of the electricity sector, the argument goes.
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