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End of gas-II: Who is changing the narrative?
Jun 26: Winning the global narrative in the midst of bewildering change is the key component in the fight for supremacy in the global energy market.
82016 saw an avalanche of data from the big oil companies and research institutes, including some well known universities around the world -- mostly sponsored by Big Oil -- claiming that the golden age of gas has arrived with the impending demise of coal.
8But in 2017 the narrative has somewhat changed.
8Gas is now being sought to be dumped with coal as a polluting fuel and this counter narrative is gaining ground.
8Clearly different lobbies are at work, so it is difficult to guess the authenticity of all the assessments and counter assessments that are floating around.
8For the Indian industry, both from the supplier and buyer end, it is necessary to keep the ear firmly to the ground, and pick up early trends.
8Big investments are being made or planned to be made in creating infrastructure that is meant to last for 30 years. It is important to ensure that they do not become redundant well before that.
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