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The future is here-V: Learn about what is in store
Jun 21: It is time for Indian gas suppliers to learn from international experience
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8Consumer’s Attitude Towards Investments in Residential Energy Efficient Appliances: How End-user Choices Contribute to Change Future Energy Systems
8Understanding Natural Gas Prices: Bubbles, Oil Indexation and Structural Breaks
8The Threshold Effect Analysis of Urbanization and Energy Consumption: A Case Study of 29 Provinces in China
8Modeling Demand-Price Curve: A Clustering Approach to Derive Dynamic Elasticity for Demand Response Programs
8Enhancing Sustainable Development from Oil, Gas, Mining: From an ‘All of Government’ Approach to Partnerships for Development
8The Impact of Stricter Standards on CO2 Emission Across Industries
8Long-term Gas Contracts Evolution in the Changing Industry Environment
8Arguments For and Against LNG as a Base for Russian Gas Exports to Asia
8A Strategy of LNG Exporting Countries for Trading: Price Competition, Leadership or Collusion?
8A Reference Framework for Formulating Gas Hub Prices
8A Global Coal-Phase-Out and the International Coal Market: A Focus on Demand-side and Supply-side Policies in China and India
8Rethinking the Way to Decarbonize the Energy System: Prospective Study of Hydrogen Markets Attractiveness
8Improving the Business Case for Consumer-level Energy Storage
8Modeling a Global Energy System based on 100% Renewables
8Decarbonizing the Indian Energy System until 2050
8What Drives Natural Gas Pricing? A Cross Country Study
8The Impact of International Oil Price on Asian Natural Gas Premium Based on Dynamic Autoregressive Model
8Understanding the Value of Gas Infrastructure in Supporting Southeast Asia’s Mid-Merit Power Sector
8Reluctance to Adopt Energy Efficiency Renovation in Chinese Households – A Behavioural Perspective
8Mute Carbon Price? How to Restore Economic Incentives in Emission Trading
8Connecting the Heat and Electricity Market to Accomodate Renewable Energy
8How ‘Integrated’ is an Integrated Oil and Gas Company (IOC)? Understanding How and Why IOCs Pursue Alternative Business Models
8Can Deregulation of CNG Reverse the Outcome of Regulation?
8The Profitability of Transnational Energy Infrastructure
8OPEC Cartel Behavior: What Is Their Objective and What May Happen Now?
8Estimation of the Efficiency of Policy Measures Targeting a More Integrated Gas Market
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