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LNG market-II: Uncertainty persists on how Indian demand will fare
Jun 19: There is still looming uncertainty over how India's gas demand is going to fare, going up to 2025.
8A leading international research agency is more circumspect when it comes to pegging the possible demand for LNG by 2025
8Eventually, it arrives at a subdued figure
8Pakistan on the other hand sees a more rapid rate of increase in demand, starting from a smaller base.
8The projection is that Qatar will continue to provide almost 60 percent of volumes contracted for delivery to India but Russian supplies will also make their way to India, as will exports from Malaysia and Indonesia.
8India may also end up as the destination for surplus contracted volumes that are re-exported.
8While significant volumes of LNG were contracted over the past decade by newly developed liquefaction projects in Australia, Russia and the USA, a significant share of this LNG was uncommitted. Large Asian and European utilities and Asian traders over-committed and are now attempting to sell these volumes into an already oversupplied LNG market.
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