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Big investments coming up-IV: ONGC, RIL-BP will have to keep a close watch on LNG prices
Jun 16: Both ONGC and RIL will have to keep a critical eye on how global LNG demand-supply and prices evolve around 2020 and going up to 2030.
8The prices and the returns that the two will elicit will depend on the landed price of LNG
8The website carries here what is clearly the most comprehensive analysis of LNG price behavior going ahead
8One centres around low Asian gas demand while the other is focused on a high demand scenario.
8Bulk of today's projections take into account only existing and announced LNG liquefaction capacity, which peaks by 2021.
8Future LNG prices will also depend upon new and so far unannounced liquefaction facilities come up
8LNG prices will be determined subsequently depending upon how demand fares in the interim
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