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$ 3 billion in E&P orders in next few months-XI: Leasing companies are capable of quoting low
Jun 14: The global FPSO ownership is evenly spread between leasing companies and the oil companies.
8Independent leasing companies have a total capacity of some 88 units, comprising 65 units in operation, seven units on order, 15 units idled but available for charter, and one unit under repair.
8These units are owned and operated by the independent leasing companies, for the purpose of chartering out to oil companies.
8By comparison, oil companies have a total capacity of 78 units, comprising 61 units in operation, 15 units on order, and 2 units idled.
8These units are specifically for the oil companies’ own use.
8The oil company with the largest number of owned FPSOs is Petrobras, with a total of 26 units, comprising 14 units in operation and 12 more on order. This is followed by CNOOC with a total of 14 units, comprising 12 units in operation and  two units available. Total is in third place, with a total of nine units, six in operation and three more on order.
8It is these independent leasing companies which will be bidding for the ONGC contract.
8Leasing companies are quite capable of bidding low for the contract.
8For reference purposes, the website carries here detailed data on the decline of the FPSO industry in the last couple of years and the future business prospects for FPSOs in the coming two years
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