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$ 3 billion in E&P orders in next few months-XII: Timelines for FPSO deployment
Jun 14: What are the timelines for FPSO deployment
FPSO contracting and deployment typically follow the sequence below.

8Technical front-end engineering design
8Bidding and agreement on the commercial terms
8Construction/conversion at the yard, followed by sail-away to location
8Hook-up of the FPSO at the field
8First oil/gas – First oil/gas is achieved once the FPSO has power generation and the systems on-board can be started
8Testing of the systems onboard the FPSO
8Acceptance by client, which officially starts the firm contract period. Acceptance is granted once all the systems are in place and running – both the subsea systems as well as the topside systems – and the oil extraction, processing and water injection carries on uninterrupted for 72 straight hours without incident. Once this is achieved, the FPSO asset is accepted by the
charterer and the firm contract period begins.
8Details are also given on how to manage the vessel conversion process as well as information on Bare Boat Charters and O&M rates
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