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Qatar in a corner: Why did India put all eggs in one basket?
Jun 12: The possibility of a Saudi Arabian invasion of Qatar cannot be ruled out, according to regional security specialists, as the geo-political conflict between Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt on one hand and Qatar on the other comes to a head.
8Qatar has its backers in Iran and Turkey, and both have offered to supply troops if Saudi Arabia were to carry out an invasion.
8If an actual confrontation occurs, it is quite likely that Qatar's LNG business, the largest in the world, will be affected.
8And that does not augur well for India, as the bulk of its contracted LNG comes from Qatar and a disruption in the supply line will create havoc down the line in those industries dependent on imported LNG.
8In an over supplied situation, spot cargoes can plug the gap but not to the fullest extent.
8India has always looked to diversifying its oil supplies fearing political risk in the Middle East but has not thought the same way when it comes to sourcing gas.
8Policy makers must keep this firmly in mind.
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