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Punj Lloyd-ONGC face off-II: Should Atul Punj change his management style?
Jun 12: The looming cancellation of the ONGC contract,without payment of any compensation, will be another blow to the enfeebled Punj Lloyd Ltd.
8The company still has a lot of capability but it has been unable to handle confrontations with some of its key clients, including ONGC.
8As of May 2017, the company says it has an order backlog of $ 2.86 billion dollars
8It has 6200 employees working for it.
8However, as per an an organizational chart carried here by this website, the company has a highly centralized management system, with chairman Atul Punj keeping direct responsibility for government relations, key administrative decisions as well as all of the company's diversifications into defence and aero space as well its infrastructure manufacturing division and associate companies without an intermediary management rung.
8The company has many strengths, and it is a market leader in some segments, particularly in pipelines and tankages.
8No doubt India provides a massive opportunity for a company like Punj Lloyd with embedded expertise developed over many years but if the ship is not steered well, it can well go off course.
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